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OK. I'm the webmaster. Here's all the personality you could ever want. Don't ask me to explain it. It's against Robert A. Hayden's copyright regulations anyway. You requested it. Anything that can't be described by a geek code is irrelevant, right?   8-D   See www.geekcode.com for the hidden meaning.

Version: 3.1
GCS$/S d s a++ C++ U-- P-- L-- E-- W+++ N+ o++ K-- w O M-- V-- PS P Y
PGP- t+ 5+ X++ R- tv++ b++ DI+++ D-- G e++(++) h--- r+++ y+++

As an extra added feature, here are previous geek code versions for those still running old geek code compilers. If it doesn't work, remember that this was hand-geeked. See storm.sonic.net/dane/geek

Version: 2.1
GCS$/S d H s g+ p3 au a++ w+ v--- C++ U-- 3-- E--N+ K-- W M-- V-- po+ Y-- t+ 5+ j R- G'' tv++
b++ D- B--- e++(++) u*(+) h--- f? r+++ n+ y+++

See quasar.unibas.ch/~tommy/geek.html

Version: 1.0
GCS/S d p+@ c++ l u-- m* s n+ h--- f? g+ w+ t+ r- x+

See www.mit.edu/people/foley/geek

Version: 0.3
GCS/S d p+ c++ l m++ s g+ w+ t+ r- x+

"The Website" by John C. Foster

My page at home's called "Commercial"
made with my guidance inertial.
I could make it rhyme,
but I don't have the time.
So why don't you call it "Personal"?
There once was a page for the club.
Personal or commercial, it's a dub.
It's my inspiration.
and much perspiration.
Who cares what you think? There's the rub.
Note to reviewers of this site:

This is primarily a highly awarded content site, intended to be a detailed survey of Texas precancel stamps. U.S. local precancels contain a city name between two horizontal lines, by regulation in black ink. That's hardly the stuff of inspiration. If this site is not "artistic" enough for you, perhaps you would rather see a sample of such, taken from a pane of stamps that the United States Postal Service considered the most important American Paintings in the last 300 years. Apparently THIS is art worth paying for. You should consider awarding places containing things like Mark Rothko's "Number 12". That's why I collect precancels, not art.
Number 12 - Mark Rothko
©USPS 1997

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GRID.ORG TEAM: Vultures Against Cancer/Vulture Central II fans of The Register (or vultures)
GRID.ORG and old Vulture Central II team is defunct
Oxford Chem Dept cancer project background

project introduction, software, timeline, who's who, and more
systemsbiology.org/Default.aspx?pagename=humanproteome Human Proteome folding explanation
worldcommunitygrid.org effort moved here with Vulture Central III team
CONDOR profile Rosetta devices none
CARRION profile LigandFit devices condor/ griffon/ turkey vulture/ black vulture/ king vulture/ palm-nut vulture/ Pondicherry vulture/ Himalayan griffon/ lammergeier/ Egyptian vulture/ Cape vulture/ white-backed vulture/ Rueppels griffon/ Eurasian griffon/ cinerous vulture/ white-headed vulture/ California/ condor/ hooded vulture/ lappet-faced vulture Athlon K7-4 1Ghz (processor score 100);

VULTURE profile LigandFit devices vulture/ Andean condor/ devices lesser yellow-headed vulture/ greater yellow-headed vulture/
SCAVENGER profile Rosetta devices long-billed griffon/ scavenger/
VULTURE profile LigandFit devices carrion/ carcass/ offal/ Angolan vulture P3 0.5GHz (processor score 52);

any project device caracara P2 0.4GHz (processor score 40) reserve devices spoiled, putrid, mortified, geier, (gier), vautour, buitre, vulture vomit, white-rumped vulture, slender-billed vulture, Indian vulture, European black vulture, teratorn, painted vulture aegypus monachus (cinerous vulture, European black vulture) cathartes aura (turkey vulture) cathartes burrovianis (lesser yellow vulture, lesser yellow-headed vulture) cathartes melambrotus (greater yellow vulture, greater yellow-headed vulture) coragyps atratus (American black vulture, black vulture) gymnogyps californianus (California condor) gypaetus barbatus (lammergeier vulture, bearded vulture) gypohierax angolensis (palm-nut vulture, Angolan vulture) gyps africanus (African, African white-backed vulture) gyps bengalensis (white-rumped vulture, Asian vulture, Asian white-backed vulture) gyps coprotheres (Cape griffon vulture) gyps fulvus (Eurasian griffon vulture) gyps Himalayensis (Himalayan griffon vulture) gyps indicus (long-billed vulture, Indian vulture) gyps rueppelli (Rueppell's griffon vulture) gyps tenuirostris (slender-billed vulture: Asia) necrosyrtes monachus (hooded vulture) neophron percnopterus (Egyptian vulture) sarcogyps calvus (pondicherry vulture) sarcorhamphus papa (king vulture) sarcorhamphus sacra (painted vulture: extinct) teratornia (teratorn: extinct) torgos tracheliotus (lappet-faced vulture) trigonoceps occipitalis (white-headed vulture) vultur grypus (Andean condor) registered Aug 11, 2004. Nov 30, 2004 rank #136583 / 1215441 = top 11.237% Team page 17 / 77 : 838 / 3839 Vulture team members. Each result represents a comparison of 450 ligands (cancer) to one of several target proteins. 100 derivatives of 35 million (3.5 billion) molecules are being tested against each target for disease fighting potential. There are any of over 40,000 different teams that you can join to pool your results...or you can start another one.
www.windmillweb.com/wcg.html processor score summary
aspenleaf.com/distributed list of numerous distributed computing projects
vspx27.stanford.edu/DCcomparison.html numbers of active computers running distributed computing projects


bar home change wide 747x28 originally www.tmbfree.com, buttonized, color coordinated, stretched and cropped by john foster

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