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This website uses no cookies and collects no demographic information. e-mail addresses may be used to respond to messages, but are not saved for any mass e-mailing purpose. Texas Precancel Club members or anyone who wishes that is associated with precancel stamp collecting may have their e-mail link posted for any and all to send a message to them. E-mail addresses and links are posted on winners' pages for easy contact in case of changes unless otherwise requested. These e-mail addresses are coded in javascript in the same manner as the thousands of occurrences of my own, available at the bottom of any page, so that spam spiders can not read them. Most e-mail addresses are not saved in an address book. Messages are replied to directly.

Name and address information on the Club member application is collected separately by U.S. mail and used for mailing a paper newsletter with local precancels on cover with expanded club information and precancel stamp enclosures. Country, State and County of residence is summed as a statistic on the website with no detailed information.

(Internet Week, Friday, February 2, 2001, by e-mail subscription) OPINION: It's Up To E-Biz to 'Get Over' Privacy Issue

"People remain far too preoccupied with online data-sharing practices that ultimately affect them very little. Your privacy is impinged offline every day. Stores collect data on your every purchase. Magazines pass on your name, your address and other details to other companies targeting similar demographics. Your financial profile is almost a matter of public record for credit card and mortgage companies. Yes, the Web makes that collection and dissemination (and junk mail machine) more efficient, but companies have been passing around your personal info for decades.

"But industry hard-liners must acknowledge that companies lose out on $12 billion a year because consumers don't feel safe online. Countless more B2B transactions and information-sharing don't happen because partners don't quite trust the Internet. In this case, perception is reality." --Robert Preston


Write a good privacy statement.

"It is incumbent upon all parties involved with the production and maintenance of a commercial entity with a presence upon the portion of the Internet commonly known as the World Wide Web that they include a page on the aforementioned commercial entity for explaining, in as much detail as possible, how they intend to guarantee to their visitors and customers (the latter being defined as visitors who have taken an active role in giving the commercial entity money) that said visitors and customers will only be spied upon to the degree in which the commercial entity perceives such spying to be profitable, and that said page explaining said policy should be written in a manner that scrupulously avoids verbiage that is concise, brief, or to the point, but instead can accurately be described as being profuse, verbose, long-winded, and circumlocutory." ---Gigglebytes by Lincoln Spector, ComputerUser, February 2001

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